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Coaching Odyssey of the Mind for Keystone Oaks

Training sessions for KO coaches (all optional): 

October 17, 2023 @ 7pm @ KOMS Cafeteria -- Keystone Oaks coaches training
This is where you will learn more about the registration process, team requirements, how to interpret the problems and resources we have at KO.     
November 11, 2023 @ 8:30am @ Boyce Middle School School -- Western Pennsylvania OM coaches training -- This session is covers novice to advanced topics.  Attendance is not required, but highly recommended, and REGISTRATION REQUIRED!!! 
February 5, 2023 @ 7:00pm virtual -- Western Pennsylvania OM coaches training #2
This session will focus on Navigating the competition.   They’ll cover team required forms, final practice tips, general updates and Q & A.  REGISTRATION REQUIRED

All coaches must have their clearances on file with the district!

Forming a team!

-A team can be formed with between 5-7 students (NO EXCEPTIONS).
-After you have the members of your team, decide if you want to add a co-coach or two. 
-Find a volunteer and a judge for the competition. 
-Register your team!

PLEASE NOTE: with KO, the coach simply registers their teams through the google form.  When we register the entire group at the same time the club can save money.  Once the google form is filled out by the coach, the coordinator will formally register your team with Odyssey of the Mind and make the payments needed for the teams.

Read through the PROGRAM GUIDE!

The program guide will answer almost ALL of your questions regarding Odyssey of the Mind.  It includes tips on how to start a team and what to do at meetings.  It defines commonly used terms in the problems and details how to fill out a cost form.  It discusses the types of Spontaneous and gives sample problems.  You will miss a lot if you don't know what's in the Program Guide.

Practice Spontaneous at EVERY meeting!

Spontaneous can be a make it or break it part of the competition.
-Integrating spontaneous practice in your meetings is the best way to get the students some experience and avoid burn out. 
-Another great way to practice spontaneous is through the KO volunteer lead spontaneous nights (Dates and Times are listed on the schedule).  You must sign up your team to participate in these spontaneous nights to avoid overcrowding.
-Consider signing up for Spontaneous Fun Day on February 18, 2023.  Registration details will be sent out once date/time/location are all confirmed.

This is required by Odyssey of the Mind.  It is also encouraged to print out a hard copy and go over the document with parents and team members.

Have the team sign the TEAM CONTRACT.

This is required by Odyssey of the Mind.  You are to print out a hard copy and go over the document with parents and team members.

If this is not filled out COMPLETELY, the coordinator WILL NOT officially register your team with Odyssey of the Mind, as you have not fulfilled all requirements.  TWO JUDGES & ONE VOLUNTEER ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER!!


Clarifications are statements put out by the International Problem Captains (IPC) and aim to further describe a portion of a problem.  Teams can not fully solve their problem without understanding all the clarifications for their problem. Clarifications are updated throughout the season.  You can submit a clarification through the members resources page.  Scroll the the bottom and sign in with your membership number and zip code; click on "submit clarification."
View the latest CLARIFICATIONS here. You also need to sign in the same way as explained above.
**There are NO clarifications for Primary.

Coaches need to make sure all forms are filled out for competition day!

Style, cost, team required list, outside assistance forms are all available on our website here.  You bring FOUR COPIES of each form to the competition for the judges to go over.  Primary coaches fill out the forms, Division 1 coaches can help fill out forms but the team members are supposed to be doing the bulk of the work, Division 2 & 3 coaches can help the team members understand the questions but the team members are primarily responsible for completing the forms.  

Questions?? PLEASE don't hesitate to email the KO coordinator @!

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